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Coconut Oil vs Olive Oil

This is an argument that will rage on forever but we deal in the facts. At My Natural Goodness we know and trust that Good Fats are far better than Low fats. So which is better for you, Coconut Oil or Olive Oil?

Lets look at cooking oils

Nearly all of us use cooking oils when preparing food. For the last 70 years we have been brainwashed into believing vegetable oils are the best but are they?

What they don’t tell you is that cooking with unsaturated fats, the kind found in vegetable oils, damages them and creates free radicals. Free radicals are essentially the opposite of antioxidants. That’s bad. They lead to inflammation in the body that’s linked to the very heart disease and diabetes you were trying to avoid by using them.

Cooking with saturated fats, on the other hand, does not damage them. They actually stay pretty much unharmed due to their stable chemical structure, like Coconut Oil. That’s why generations of chefs love the stuff; they don’t go rancid or develop off-flavors and they have a high smoke point. And, that’s why we prefer to cook with saturated fats, coconut oil being our personal favourite.

Now for the science buffs out there, we are purposefully simplifying this. There are different types of unsaturated fats. Some unsaturated fats have critical roles in our bodies and in their undamaged, unheated forms are healthy (omega-3 fats are just one example, monounsaturated fats from foods like olive oil and avocado are another).

The important point is that processed vegetable oils sold in clear plastic jugs are not part of this group and because they are so fragile, they are often rancid by the time of purchase (exposure to light is enough to oxidize unsaturated fats, which is why high quality oils are often sold in dark bottles).


Vegetable Oils are great for salads but turn bad when heated.

Coconut Oils are best to cook with as they do not break down.


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