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Balanced Nutrition to help Weight Loss

All of our products offer you great natural nutrition with no hidden rubbish. Just Pure Natural ingredients which means our products are great tasting but also help you to shed the pounds. We work with Gyms, Nutritionists, Health Shops and directly with Athletes as well.

They trust our nutrition!!

Our Tailored Packages

Our soups are freshly prepared and designed to pack more natural & pure goodness into each one without any nasties. Perfect to help weight loss and give your body all the essential vitamins, nutrients, fibre and goodness it needs.

Our Salads are freshly prepared and contain the balanced nutrition your body needs.

Our Smoothies are both Fruit & Vegetable based giving your body all the essential vitamins, fibre, protein and Nutrition it needs to work at 100%.

No additives, No preservatives, No stabilizers, No chemicals

Just pure natural goodness.

We freshly prepare and deliver your nutrition pack every day in and around Wilmslow & Alderley Edge.

That is a smoothie, salad & soup delivered fresh every day.

5 days pack - £99

7 day pack - £129

14 day pack - £249

28 day pack - £459

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